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A Rose For A Cookie
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United States
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I dunno I wanted to try this too cuz everyone does a lot of these and I'm just sitting here all lazy.

The Essentials

Name: (i don't wanna reveal it anymore)
Nickname: Cookie, Anime(by deviants)
Location: US(OF AMERICA...)
Age: 14 (Turning 15 in two months)
Height: 5'1(?) somewhere around there...Last time I checked was long ago. Maybe I'm taller now(hopefully)
Zodiac sign: Libra(?)
Any pets: Xavior/Xavvy mai cat
Favourite thing about yourself: that I can draw...Thats it. 
Worst habit: Messing up words like "single" to "signal" (Dunno exactly why...)
Fun fact: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I'm a picky eater.
Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: Female
Sexual preference: wut?
Romantic preference: I dunno...I never really think about that.
"Kinsey Scale" score: ???o-o
Relationship status: Signa- I mean single dang it
Myers/Briggs type: ????????
Hogwarts house:  ??????????????????????


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": Sometimes a little of both
bath or shower: Showeerrrrr
First thought in the morning: What's for breakfast/lunch/dinner??? ewe
Last thought before falling asleep at night: My OCs rly i dunno what else to think...Sometimes I also think about anime o3o


Do you work or are you a student: Student(gonna go to highschool omg) 
What do you do good: Art OBVIOUSLY(actually sometimes).... That's it :I
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: ;3; I dont knoooow

                                Habits (Do you…?)

Drink: NO...
Smoke: NO.........
Do Drugs: NO.......................=_=
Exercise:  I usually dance to my favorite songs.....Randomly...
Have a go-to comfort food: ?
Have a nervous habit: I turn red a lot o-o

What is your favourite…?

Physical quality (in yourself): I dislike myself.
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): Happinessssss?
Food: Mainly french toast(from Alexander's Pancake House OwO) and pizza
Drink: Sierra Mist, Orange Juice(sometimes), Lemonade
Animal: Cats and pandas <3
Artist/Band/Group: I like lots and lots of people, i dont have a particular favorite .3. 
Author/Poet: Like said above
Book: I don't rly like reading at all, I usually read manga...But my favorite manga is Madoka Magica <3 <3 <3 <3
TV Show: I rarely watch TV
Actor/Actress:  I don't pay attention to anyone XD
Blogger: Not sure.....
  • Mood: Relief

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